Working at Table Top Pizza business since 1992 I fell in love with the town of Holliston. In 1993 Central Cafe was established by the same owner of the pizza store. In 2001 I bought Central Cafe. I had always had a vision to combine Central Cafe with the next door business which was known as Village Stationary (convenience store). I wanted to merge them into what is now known as Central Cafe and Convenience. I knew the Holliston residents would profit with this new, one-stop style of shopping.

It was tough juggling a new business while raising kids. But slowly we started feeling more comfortable with the town and its people and I'm sure they felt the same way; our family was becoming a microcosm of the town of Holliston itself.

We took Central Cafe & Convenience to a newer, better, more evolved, community-friendly capacity. Central Cafe & Convenience is now the one-stop shopping location the town of Holliston has come to know and love.